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How Senior Living Communities Are Changing Retirement

group of seniors posing for a photo who live in senior living communities

Today’s seniors recognize that retirement is a new beginning. The extra free time gives them opportunities to try new things, explore new places, and meet new people. A lot of these changes started in modern senior living communities. With a new focus on engaging lifestyles, communities like Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, are changing the face of retirement.

To learn more about how Cambridge Village of Apex can change your retirement experience, order a brochure online.

How Retirement Has Gotten a Makeover In Today’s Senior Living Communities

A Focus on Fitness

Being retired shouldn’t mean being inactive. Keeping up with regular exercise increases your general feeling of well being and decreases the risks for health issues.

Today’s retirement communities are offering their residents dozens of opportunities to stay healthy. With heated pools, gyms, yoga classes, walkways, and more, it is easier than ever to choose your path to well-being.

Spacious Living Options

Some older retirement communities were full of cramped one-room apartments that felt more like hospital rooms than homes. This has changed with the new generation of communities and seniors. Now residents can choose from a wide variety of spacious floorplans, often with kitchens and multiple bedrooms.

Plenty of Amenities

Senior living communities of the past didn’t offer much in the way of common space. Usually, there would be a dining room and a common room full of lumpy couches and a too-small TV that played reruns on repeat.

Modern retirement communities turn this stereotype on its head by providing a variety of amenities where senior residents can meet, mingle, and relax. Common rooms usually include theaters, libraries,  extensive grounds, and all-day restaurant-style dining.

Great, Diverse Food

Speaking of food, don’t expect a fixed calendar of bland, tepid, cafeteria-style offerings from today’s retirement communities. Residents in senior living communities can expect more diverse meal options. Modern retirement communities provide the variety they want with a rotating menu of delicious and fresh meals.

Active Living

Why should any stage of life be boring? Senior living communities keep residents on their toes with a calendar packed with several event options a day. With the constant schedule of trips, classes, and parties, a lot of retirees are even more active now than they were when they worked.

Experience the new retirement at Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina. Contact us to schedule a tour of our senior living community.

5 Tips for Choosing a Senior Living Community

seniors enjoying a yoga session at their senior living community

Choosing a senior living community is not unlike choosing a new home or apartment. There are many things to take into consideration for the place you’ll call home.

Start with these five things:


Just like you’ve shopped for mortgages and rent that fit within your budget, the cost of a senior living community is one of the biggest factors to consider. But beyond just the total cost, take into account what that cost includes (such as meal plans or cable TV) and compare it with your own total cost of living.


As with any place you’ve lived, deciding on a senior living community includes a judgement of floor plans, design and available amenities such as a pool, spa, gym and more.  

Level of independence

There are varying levels of independence found within senior living communities and older adults all have different needs as it relates to care and supervision. Look for one that offers the level of independence you desire today but includes options for the care you might need in the future.


Perhaps the best part of senior living communities is the selection of activities offered. Whether you enjoy playing sports, participating in the arts, learning or just about anything else, you can typically find it in a senior living community. Of course, you’ll want to choose a community that offers the kinds of things you like to do.

Proximity and transportation

As they say in real estate: location, location, location. If you have grown children or other family members in the area, you might keep the proximity of a senior living community in mind during the decision-making process. You should also size up any transportation services offered by the community as a means for you to get out and around.  

Take a Tour

Now that you have an idea of some of the basics to look for, schedule a tour to see how Cambridge Village of Apex measures up. This senior living community is located in the heart of Apex, NC, a town that has racked up awards for “best place to live,” “number-one small town” and “best place to move.”   

Come visit us and choose a better way to retire.

The Pros and Cons of Retirement Village Living

pros and cons list of living in a retirement village community

The decision to move into a retirement village is a big one. There are many things to consider, such as your finances, your independence and how well you’ll handle the transition out of a community full of friends and neighbors that you’ve known for years. There are several pros and cons to consider and it’s important to weigh each one before making such a commitment.

The Pros

It’s not difficult to see the many benefits of living in a retirement village.

  1. An active lifestyle. Whether it’s getting some exercise playing tennis or stimulating the mind over a game of bridge, retirement villages offer an array of activities for residents to stay busy. 
  2. Socialization. Loneliness is a common struggle during retirement. But not so at a retirement village. Residents are surrounded by hundreds of other people of the same age and with similar interests and things in common.  
  3. Safety and security. Seniors can be easy targets for crime but most retirement villages provide a level of security that’s often a step up from what residents previously had in their own homes.  
  4. Good eating. Cooking healthy meals can become more of a challenge as you age. Retirement villages often provide meal services for residents to ensure easy and healthy eating.   
  5. Home maintenance. Leaky faucets or burned out light bulbs can be a nuisance for seniors but these types of home repairs are taken care of by the maintenance staff at retirement villages.

The Cons

Of course, a retirement village doesn’t come without its disadvantages as well.

  1. Residents can get worn out. With so many activities to partake in, it’s easy for residents of retirement villages to find themselves exhausted by the end of the day. 
  2. No more chores. Residents of retirement villages no longer have to worry about yard work, cleaning and household maintenance. It sounds like a great deal, but some people actually enjoy doing these types of things.  
  3. No kids around. Some seniors enjoy seeing the children in their neighborhood. You won’t find any children in a retirement village save for the occasional visitor. (Of course, some seniors would see this as a good thing.)   
  4. It can feel expensive. Retirement villages can feel more expensive to some, but that’s largely because all of the living expenses from rent to food and utility bills is lumped into one easy-to-budget number.   
  5. Rules and restrictions. Retirement villages often have rules and restrictions regarding things like noise levels or pets. While some people may see these as a nuisance, many find that they appreciate the ordinances.

To gain a better idea of whether or not a retirement village might be for you, come visit Cambridge Village of Apex and get a glimpse of the good life.  

Find Out Why Most Senior Prefer Senior Living Communities

group of seniors smiling to show they are enjoying their time at senior living community

Modern senior living communities are excellent places to call home, but too many people still believe that these communities are cold and impersonal. These people are surprised when they visit one and see that they offer the comfort of home with the amenities of an upscale hotel. In fact, most seniors actually find they prefer life in a senior living community to living on their own.

Why Living in a Senior Living Community is Better than Living Alone

A Chance to Meet People Your Age

Senior living communities are a great place to build new friendships and relationships. When you move in, you will be surrounded by people that are close to your age, with similar life experiences, memories, and values to you. You’ll also have plenty of chances to get to know them with community activities, classes, trips, or walks around the grounds.

No Household Chores

Everyday home maintenance and other chores can become a challenge for people as they age. Senior living communities take these responsibilities off residents’ hands. The staff maintains the landscape and provide housekeeping services allowing tenants to focus on enjoying retirement.

A Packed Activities Schedule

A lot of seniors’ lives start to stagnate when they retire. If they’re living on their own, it can be hard to find the energy to get out of the house and experience new things. Retirement communities make it easy to have an engaging, active lifestyle by offering dozens of activities, trips, classes, and games a week.

Convenient Amenities

Senior living communities offer easy access to amenities that might otherwise be expensive or hard to access. For instance, Cambridge Village of Apex has an in-house spa, fitness center, pool, pub, restaurant, and more.


Seniors living on their own may not be able to get help for themselves in case of an emergency. If a senior falls in their own home, they may not have a way to reach out for help. Senior living communities have 24/7 staffs, so residents are always covered in case of an emergency. Some communities, like Cambridge Village of Apex, even provide on-site medical care.

Visit Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, and see what modern senior living communities have to offer. Schedule a tour to see if it’s a good fit for you.

How Senior Care Services Can Improve Your Quality of Life

woman offering elderly lady senior care services

Needing a little extra help shouldn’t mean giving up your independence. Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, recognizes that some seniors have health and mobility issues that make some daily activities difficult for them. That’s why we offer different levels of senior care services through our partnership with WakeMed.

By using our senior care services, you can get the health you need while still being a part of a vibrant retirement community.

How Senior Care Services Can Make Life Easier

Cambridge Village of Apex offers a variety of different senior care levels and options based on your unique needs. Our accommodations and services make it easy for you to get the care you need while maintaining as much of your independence as possible.

Supportive Care Options

Cambridge Village of Apex has senior care professionals from WakeMed, a licensed home care company, on-site. We offer home care options for seniors in our regular apartments, including services like:

  • Stand-by or hands-on bathing or showering assistance
  • Medication reminders
  • Meal, activity, or exercise escort services
  • Daily dressing assistance

We offer 20 reserved rooms for seniors who require enhanced supportive care. Our intensive plans provide daily assistance and can include 24-hour resident monitoring. Learn about our monthly care plans.

We can adjust or customize any of our service care packages based on your needs. No matter what level of care you need, we have a plan for you.

A La Carte Services

We offer a la carte services for seniors who need help with specific activities but don’t require one of our monthly care plans. Some of these care options include:

  • Medication assistance
  • Personalized walking programs
  • Daytime or nighttime wellness checks
  • Tuck-in service
  • Laundry or linen-changing
  • Toileting assistance
  • Phone reminders

Some of our a la carte options are not included in our monthly care plans, like:

  • Light meal prep (appointment required)
  • Respite services to provide relief to families who provide care
  • Correspondence preparation or companion service
  • WakeMed medication planner boxes

Other Senior Care Services

Just need temporary assistance? No problem. We also offer specific senior care options for unique situations. These include:

  • Wellness Lifestyle exercise escort or motivation services
  • Welcome Home services, getting new residents accustomed to life at Cambridge Village
  • Gastrointestinal “Sick Care” for seniors with an illness that keeps them isolated
  • Terminal home cleaning after an illness

At Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, you can get the senior care assistance you need while still enjoying a dynamic and active lifestyle. Request a brochure to learn more about what makes Cambridge Village of Apex such a great place to live.

Stay Active and Improve Your Health with WakeMed Fitness

older lady holding dumbells in water aerobics class

In the past, retirement communities offered little in the way of fitness programs. Today’s retirement communities have changed the script, providing not just a place to live, but a place to live better. A part of this change has been the improvements to fitness facilities for seniors.

Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, has partnered with WakeMed to bring residents an advanced and accessible fitness center geared towards encouraging active and healthy lifestyles.

Stay Active with WakeMed Healthworks Fitness

The WakeMed Healthworks Fitness Center is conveniently located on the first floor of Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina. By being on-site the fitness center is easy to access for all residents.

Wellness Center Amenities

When designing the WakeMed Healthworks Fitness Center, we made sure that it offered a variety of choices, each targeted at the specific health needs of seniors. Whether seniors are already active, just getting back into fitness, or have limited mobility, there are options for them. The fitness center offers:

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical machines
  • Free weights
  • Strength training equipment

WakeMed also offers a heated, indoor pool for laps and aquatic exercise. Aquatic exercises are low-impact and easy on joints, making them ideal for seniors. Residents also have access to a relaxing steam room.

Need some help guiding your workout routine? Work with one of WakeMed’s qualified personal trainers. You can also sign up for a variety of exercise classes in aquatics, yoga, and more for a chance to enjoy exercise with your peers.

Fitness Center Benefits

The benefits of regular exercise are clear, and for seniors, these advantages are even more significant. Exercising improves mobility, general well-being, extends your lifespan, and aids in the healing process. However, the advantages are more than just physical.

Staying physically active can also help seniors stay mentally healthy by keeping them sharp and improving self-esteem. Exercise can also be a social activity for many, giving you opportunities to meet friends in classes or at the gym.

With the extensive, on-site WakeMed Healthworks Fitness Center, our residents can better take advantage of the benefits of fitness and regular physical activity. Schedule a visit to Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, to see our fitness center in action.

6 Surprising Things About Retirement Homes In Raleigh

 portrait of senior friends at home together

A lot of seniors don’t know what to expect before moving into a retirement community. Many may have negative views toward them, based more on myth than reality. Those seniors that do look into retirement communities are often surprised to find how different they are from the stereotypes.

Here are a few of the benefits you might not expect to find when you move into a Raleigh retirement community, like Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina.

Things You Don’t Know Until You Move into a Raleigh, NC, Retirement Community

They’re Often More Affordable Than Living on Your Own

A lot of seniors assume they can’t afford rent in a retirement community. However, with the regular expenses eliminated or lessened by living in a retirement community, many residents pay less than they did living alone. Your rent will also include amenities like the fitness center and clubhouse.

Retirement Communities Make Life Easier

Many don’t consider all the chores that will fall away when you are a resident in a retirement community. You can put regular home and lawn maintenance in the past and focus more on your hobbies.

There’s a Full Schedule of Events

Living in a retirement community doesn’t need to mean sitting around bored all day. Modern communities keep tenants busy with daily activities, like shopping, crafts, exercise classes, and trips.

Retirement Communities are Spacious

A lot of older people don’t want to give up their spacious homes to move into cramped studios. Modern retirement communities are built with comfort in mind. With spacious, multi-room floor plans for different budgets, outdoor walking areas, and common spaces, there’s plenty of room to spread out.

You’ll Meet New Friends

It can be difficult leaving people in your current neighborhood, but it is easy to make new friends in a senior living community. You’ll be surrounded by people your age, who have had similar experiences to you. Regular activities also provide a great opportunity to meet different people.

Most Have On-Site Fitness Amenities

Modern retirement homes feature fitness centers made with the needs of older individuals in mind. They also offer a variety of classes geared around different health and mobility issue. Certain communities take relaxation and health even further with spa offerings, like saunas and massage.

Excellent retirement communities, like Cambridge Village of Apex, near Raleigh, North Carolina, can help you get the most out of your housing budget. Schedule a tour at Cambridge Village of Apex and see what surprises it has for you.

Tips for Choosing Which Dogs Are Ideal for Seniors

Elderly woman with an elderly dog

Nothing compares to the unconditional love of a dog. Living in a retirement community doesn’t mean you can’t have a dog to come home to, but how do you choose your next canine companion?

It may be tempting to choose the cutest dog you see at the animal shelter or go with a breed you used to have. However, with lower energy and limited mobility, seniors have new considerations to take into account when choosing their furry friends.

Choose the Right Dog for a Senior Lifestyle

Owning a dog comes with mental, emotional, and physical benefits for seniors. Dogs offer consistent friendship and encourage seniors to walk more. However, no two dogs are exactly alike, and some are much better suited for older individuals.

Here are three things to consider when choosing a dog for seniors.


Few things are cuter than a fuzzy little puppy, but owning a puppy comes with lots of responsibilities. Puppies are high-energy and need to be trained for home living. You can expect a lot of chewing, accidents, and jumping as they grow up. For those reasons, puppies demand more attention than most seniors can provide.

Older dogs are a much better match to the lifestyles of older individuals. Adult dogs, especially senior dogs, are already mellowed out. Most older dogs have already been trained, eliminating that chore from your life.


Maybe you’ve owned labradors or Great Danes your whole life. You might just prefer larger breeds. Unfortunately, bigger dogs become a lot harder to manage as you age. Sometimes larger dogs can knock seniors over, making them potentially dangerous.

Smaller breeds, like pugs or terriers, are easier to control and even pick up. You can also comfortably sit with your companion in your lap as you watch tv or read.


Different breeds have different temperaments, so elders need to take care to choose the breed that best fits their energy level. Some high-energy breeds like border collies, shepherds, and other herding and sporting dogs may require more play time than you’re able to provide.

Slower breeds, like bulldogs, schnauzers, and chins are excellent companions for older adults.

Dogs are Welcome at Cambridge Village of Apex

Make sure to spend lots of time with any dog you are considering before you buy. Even within one breed, every dog has their own distinct personality. Find the one that best meshes with you. Go on test walks and take the time to play with your next friend before you bring them home.

Living with your canine companion is just one of the things that make Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, feel like home. Request a brochure or contact us at (919) 363-2080 to learn more about what makes Cambridge Village a great place to live.

How Retirement Communities Are Adapting to Improve Senior Health

senior man and women with fitness trainer in gym lifting barbells as sport exercise

Health and fitness problems are a growing concern for seniors. Baby boomers are retiring in poorer health than the previous generation. Despite some positive changes, like decreases in smoking, other issues like obesity are seeing increases, according to a 2016 United Health Foundation Report.

Retirement communities are facing the challenge of poor senior health head on. Innovative fitness programs are helping older people improve their physical and general well-being.

How Retirement Communities Are Combatting Poor Senior Health

Benton House- Ageless Grace

Mobility is a major limiting factor for many seniors. Older adults who no longer have the ability to stand often become discouraged from exercising. This was one of the concerns the Ageless Grace program at Benton House exists to address.

Ageless Grace uses 21 seated exercises to get people moving and exercising to music. By using music and memory, Ageless Grace works the mind as well. The program is particularly helpful for residents with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

CareOne- Forever Fit

The Forever Fit program at CareOne is a holistic approach to health and fitness for seniors. Non-traditional offerings, like yoga, massage therapy, meditation, and physiotherapy, help with emotional health as well as physical. By focusing on other measures of health, Forever Fit encourages an overall feeling of well-being, making it easier to stick to the program.

Forever Fit recognizes that seniors have different levels of fitness. The program can be adapted based on mobility and strength levels. Individualization continues into every aspect of the program. Residents get one-on-one time to consult with dietitians, physiologists, and physical trainers.

Cambridge Village of Apex, NC- Healthworks Fitness

Adaptability is also a part of what makes Healthworks Fitness a successful program. Residents can sign up for personal training programs built around their unique situations. The Healthworks Fitness Center also offers group exercise classes, adding a social element to fitness.

Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, also focuses on relaxation as a part of a more holistic approach to health. Members of Healthworks can enjoy the steam room or whirlpool. Seniors can also take advantage of spa services, like back, head, and facial massage.

With a renewed focus on fitness, communities like Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, prove aging doesn’t mean accepting poor health. Learn more about our fitness facilities by scheduling a tour or calling us at (919) 363-2080.

4 Simple Ways to Avoid Fall Injury for the Senior in Your Life

older man and younger daughter smiling for camera

Falls are the largest cause of injury-related death for seniors in the United States. Over 29 million seniors suffer falls a year, and with bodies becoming weaker as they age, the risk of grave injury increases. The best way to avoid harm from a fall is to take lengths to avoid falls. Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, has some tips for reducing the risk for the loved ones in your life.

How to Decrease Fall Risk for the Senior in Your Life

Taking an active role in the lives of your older loved ones is a major part of avoiding falls. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep falls from happening.

Check Medications

Some medications come with side effects that increase the risk of falling. Side effects like dizziness or drowsiness are common in many pain, blood pressure, and heart medications. Certain treatments, like a blood thinner, can cause severe injury if a fall does occur.

Speaking with your loved one’s doctor can help you become aware of these side effects, and find potential alternatives.

Make Home Fall-Proof

Many times, the way furniture is arranged or a home is organized can contribute to falls. Some simple steps you can take to make a home safer are:

  • Installing grab bars in the shower or bath
  • Arranging furniture to act as a support
  • Clearing clutter, so that there is an open walkway through every room
  • Make sure carpets or rugs are smooth and easy to walk across

The senior living apartments at Cambridge Village of Apex are built optimized for older adults. We also offer different levels of supportive living to prevent falls or injury.

It is also important to make sure seniors are aware of the risk, so they know when to be more careful. It might also be beneficial to get them a mobility tool like a cane or walker.

Support Good Health

Although we can’t stop aging, seniors can lessen its effects by living a healthier lifestyle. Regular exercise makes seniors less prone to falling in their everyday lives. Consuming more calcium and vitamin D can also help strengthen bones in case falls do occur.

Cambridge Village of Apex offers a safe fitness center, pool, and exercise classes to keep seniors active.

When a Fall Does Occur

Some falls are just unavoidable. When one does occur, it is important not to panic. Do not let a senior get up on their own, as this can worsen any injury. Call for help immediately, and follow up with a doctor’s appointment, even if your loved one seems fine.

Cambridge Village of Apex’s staff knows how to deal with falls. We even have in-house medical care to make sure that any injury from the fall is taken care of. To learn more contact Cambridge Village on Apex, North Carolina at (919) 363-2080.

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