Volunteer Appreciation Month at Cambridge Village

Residents and Staff want to show our volunteers how much we appreciate them. During the month of March make sure you thank them and let them know how you enjoy having them as part of our Cambridge family.

Joel Geyer– I have been volunteering at Cambridge Village since it opened. I started with Linda Moore (Ken Downe’s daughter) when Ken moved in just after opening. Josh and Mark asked us to do things to help out. Then Josh asked us to do a movie on Friday nights. I have been doing movies ever since. I am now doing a Monday afternoon movie and a Friday night movie. I make sure the equipment is set up early and then I play some travelogues of trips that Linda and I, (and sometimes Ken) took.  Also, on Thursdays I participate in the Thursday bridge group. I occasionally do pictures and videos for special events at Cambridge Village as well.


Shirley Burgess– I started the Knit Wits group here at Cambridge in 2011 because I love knitting! I would like everyone to know how since it’s relaxing and rewarding. I’ve been knitting since I was nine years old. Come join us on the  Mezzanine for Knit Wits on Wednesdays at 2:00PM.Shirley_burges_Volunteer

Pamela Seymour– I run a small charity called Figlio Mio. We provide blankets to homeless adults and children. The Knit Wits have been wonderful partners this year helping to make 60 blankets that were given away at Christmas time to four agencies.  I enjoy coming on Wednesday afternoons and visiting with the ladies. They have helped keep many people warm this winter.


Vickie Dunn-I have enjoyed living at Cambridge for the past seven months and have been busy getting involved with helping new residents adjust to Cambridge as an Ambassador, teaching a bi-monthly Facebook Class and helping with Bingo. I’m active in our Knit Wits group and have thoroughly enjoyed making my  friends! Vickie_Dunn_Volunteer

Megan Parker– I have enjoyed helping with arts & crafts, going on lunch outings, and also calling BINGO! I am originally from Michigan and moved to North Carolina 8-1/2 years ago to teach. My husband and I bought a house in Holly Springs, and I wanted to find a place to volunteer since I don’t have family close by. I lost my Grandpa Al just over 2 years ago; I miss him so much. He never liked BINGO but would call for his Club House in Florida. I look forward to volunteering with all my BINGO players every chance I get – they even know my favorite number is I26! I look forward to coming to Cambridge when the opportunity arises. I have met so many wonderful individuals who bring a smile to my face each time! Thanks so much for recognizing my service here at Cambridge! (Photo: My grandpa and I) Megan_Parker_Volunteer

Joice Mills-I’m a North Carolina native and I have enjoyed getting to know the residents of Cambridge Village.  I stay busy calling Bingo, helping with crafts, shopping and going on field trips. My thanks goes to Dorothy Andrews for inviting me to join the Wellness Center in June 2013. I love all my new friends!  joice_volunteer

Sanjay Das– I have helped at Cambridge here for the past year. I was active in the Apex parade for Cambridge and I call Bingo once a month. I’m looking forward to teaching a relaxation class this month! Sanjay_Das_Volenteer

Elders Holiday & Elder Love-Thank You to the Morman Elders that have helped with Bean Bag for the past year! We thank you and appreciate having your help here at Cambridge!

Herbert Wagner– I moved to Cambridge in November of 2013 and never played Bean Bag before moving here. Several months ago Wanda Mucke and I teamed up to form a Bean Bag Group. The group meets twice a month in the Mezzanine at 3:00PM. I enjoy laughing, being active and having fun with everyone that shows up.  All residents are welcome, and if we are lucky some grandchildren stop in from time to time!   herbert_Wagner_Volunteer

Wanda Mucke-I enjoy Bean Bag with friends. We have a good time together. I enjoy baking goodies to share with everyone. The Bean bag crew jokes around that my snacks bring them the energy to win. Wanda_Mucke_Volunteer

Gary Hoadley– I enjoy staying active in the community by helping with the weekly calendar and popping popcorn for Friday night movies. I have made some good friends since moving to Cambridge.


Janice Dunning-I started a neighborhood watch on the 4th floor and created a group called “Neighbors in Need”. Also, I am active in Knit Wits, I took over leading the card game, Hand & Foot, from Joanne Peterson who started it two years ago. We play on Saturdays at 2pm in the Card Room. Lastly, if any resident is interested in learning beginner Tai Chi, I’d be glad to teach you!


Joanne Stella & Marge Connors– Thank you for editing our monthly Newsletter!







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