Optimal Living

cambridge village of apex optimal living

Cambridge Village of Apex believes your home should be more than just a place to live. It should be a place to experience life to its fullest. We work to enhance every aspect of our residents’ lives through our Optimal Living philosophy. With a more holistic focus, we hope to better our patients mental, social, and emotional health, as well as physical.

Experience Optimal Living at Cambridge Village of Apex, NC

Optimal Fitness

Our on-site fitness center is designed to meet the unique needs of our older residents with flexible and engaging options, like:

  • Cardio and strength training equipment
  • A heated, indoor pool
  • Group exercise classes
  • Personal training
  • Wellness seminars
  • Outdoor walking paths


Optimal Health

The wellbeing of our tenants is our highest priority. That’s why skilled PrimeMD healthcare professionals are available on-site 24/7. Residents can also take advantage of:

  • 24/7 emergency care
  • A fully-staffed on-site primary care practice
  • Supportive senior care performed by licensed professionals
  • Cambridge’s close relationship with nearby hospitals, doctors, and specialists

Optimal Wellness Program

Residents can also participate in our physician-led, concierge health programs. Through these programs, residents work with healthcare professionals to create goals and build a targeted, individualized wellness plan. These plans involve a multi-level approach to wellness that includes lifestyle changes, exercise, diet, and supplements.

cambridge village of apex optimal wellness program

The Professionally Directed Program includes:

  • A one-on-one health assessment from a personal health coach
  • A personalized exercise regimen
  • Educational wellness seminars
  • Assessment check-ups every three months
  • 4 weekly private group fitness classes (tier two and three members only)

The Medically Directed Program includes:

  • All benefits from the Professionally Directed Program
  • Ongoing consultations with your healthcare team, including a health history, lifestyle assessment, and goal setting
  • Detailed physical examinations with quarterly health coaching
  • 24/7 concierge phone access to physician practice
  • Thorough lab testing
  • Quarterly meal planning
  • Supplement planning
  • One monthly 30-minute one-on-one training session
  • One monthly 30-minute facial or massage


Optimal Community

Cambridge Village of Apex is more than just a place to stay. It is a vibrant community, with each day packed full of opportunities to meet others and lead an active lifestyle. All our residents are treated to:

  • A diverse and active group of neighbors
  • A busy events calendar booked with trips to nearby attractions, club meetings, exercise classes, crafts, games, movies, and more
  • Restaurant-style dining and a pub
  • Educational enrichment opportunities with local colleges and institutions
  • Plenty of community areas including a library, multipurpose room, and fitness center


Optimal Comfort

Comfort means more than just a place to sleep. We offer relaxing, on-site spa services to help rejuvenate our residents and reach a more holistic level of wellness. Spa treatments include:

  • Back and body massage
  • Scalp and facial massage
  • Hand massage
  • Paraffin wax for hands and feet
  • Haircare services
  • Eyebrow, lip, chin, and lash tinting

Interested in learning the other ways our Optimal Living philosophy can help you get the most out of living at Cambridge Village of Apex? Contact us at (919) 363-2080 to request a brochure or visit our retirement community.

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