3 Outstanding Reasons You Should Move to a Retirement Community


With house prices on the rise in the Triangle area, more retirees are thinking about putting their houses on the market to take advantage of them. You might even be in the same situation. But where will you live once your home is sold?

Do you go through the hassle of finding another house? Or do you move into a retirement community?

There are a lot of options open to you, including finding a smaller house or moving into a larger retirement community home, but we would ask you to consider the opportunities you’ll have moving into a senior living community.

Here at Cambridge Village of Apex, we believe a retirement community can heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Why Live in a Retirement Community?

Reinvigorate Your Social Life

Raising kids and working a 9-5 barely leaves any room for a social life. When was the last time you dropped by a neighbor’s house for a cup of coffee, or visited a neighboring town just to explore something new?

When you live in a retirement community, your social calendar will be as full as you want. Outings, cards, board games, Nintendo Wii, arts and crafts, educational classes, veteran’s events, and church services are just the beginning of planned activities for residents at Cambridge Village of Apex.

Say Goodbye to Home Maintenance

Owning your own home can be rewarding, but it can also be draining. It seems like every time one thing is fixed, it’s time for another item to be replaced or another fixture falls apart. Once you replace the roof the hot water heater busts. The scenarios go on and on, and the task lists seems to only grow rather than shrink.

Calling a senior living community your home not only takes away the house maintenance tasks, but it also takes away the house maintenance financial burden.

Make Your Health a Priority

For many of us, health and wellness gets placed on the back burner. Living in a retirement community, however, gives you the opportunity to reclaim your personal fitness.

Specifically at Cambridge Village of Apex, our 10,000-square-foot wellness center and health club lets residents get professional guidance from WakeMed Healthworks Fitness & Wellness staff through carefully planned programs and exercise regimens.

Tour Cambridge Village of Apex Today

If you’re ready to make the leap into a senior living community, then consider visiting Cambridge Village of Apex. Our varying levels of care ensure independence and guarantee each resident is treated as a unique individual. You can view our floorplans and request a brochure on our website where you can also find information about scheduling a tour. We hope to see you soon.