Falls are the largest cause of injury-related death for seniors in the United States. Over 29 million seniors suffer falls a year, and with bodies becoming weaker as they age, the risk of grave injury increases. The best way to avoid harm from a fall is to take lengths to avoid falls. Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, has some tips for reducing the risk for the loved ones in your life.

How to Decrease Fall Risk for the Senior in Your Life

Taking an active role in the lives of your older loved ones is a major part of avoiding falls. Here are a few simple things you can do to keep falls from happening.

Check Medications

Some medications come with side effects that increase the risk of falling. Side effects like dizziness or drowsiness are common in many pain, blood pressure, and heart medications. Certain treatments, like a blood thinner, can cause severe injury if a fall does occur.

Speaking with your loved one’s doctor can help you become aware of these side effects, and find potential alternatives.

Make Home Fall-Proof

Many times, the way furniture is arranged or a home is organized can contribute to falls. Some simple steps you can take to make a home safer are:

  • Installing grab bars in the shower or bath
  • Arranging furniture to act as a support
  • Clearing clutter, so that there is an open walkway through every room
  • Make sure carpets or rugs are smooth and easy to walk across

The senior living apartments at Cambridge Village of Apex are built optimized for older adults. We also offer different levels of supportive living to prevent falls or injury.

It is also important to make sure seniors are aware of the risk, so they know when to be more careful. It might also be beneficial to get them a mobility tool like a cane or walker.

Support Good Health

Although we can’t stop aging, seniors can lessen its effects by living a healthier lifestyle. Regular exercise makes seniors less prone to falling in their everyday lives. Consuming more calcium and vitamin D can also help strengthen bones in case falls do occur.

Cambridge Village of Apex offers a safe fitness center, pool, and exercise classes to keep seniors active.

When a Fall Does Occur

Some falls are just unavoidable. When one does occur, it is important not to panic. Do not let a senior get up on their own, as this can worsen any injury. Call for help immediately, and follow up with a doctor’s appointment, even if your loved one seems fine.

Cambridge Village of Apex’s staff knows how to deal with falls. We even have in-house medical care to make sure that any injury from the fall is taken care of. To learn more contact Cambridge Village on Apex, North Carolina at (919) 363-2080.