5 Things to Consider When Deciding Between Senior Living Communities


If you’ve decided to move to a senior living community, you can relax knowing you’ve made a great decision. The choices don’t end there, though. You still have to pick your favorite from nearby senior living communities, and at Cambridge Village, we know picking a favorite isn’t always easy…especially if they’re all pretty incredible.

So what should you be looking for as you tour senior living communities and narrow down your top picks? Keep reading for some advice about what to consider as you plan your transition to retirement living.

Your Senior Living Community Checklist

Take Note of Your Surroundings

As you explore different retirement communities, keep your eyes open and take note of cleanliness and organization. Don’t hesitate to ask your tour guide some questions.

  • Are the rooms and grounds clean and manicured?
  • Are maintenance requests quickly resolved?
  • Does housekeeping clean in personal living spaces?
  • What is the standard laundry procedure?

Participate in An Activity

Schedule your tour at a time you might be able to watch or participate in a community event or daily activity (like a fitness program or live entertainment).

  • How many people are attending the event?
  • Are the staff present and seemingly interested?
  • Does the event seem like it is something you’d like to participate in again?


Whichever senior living community you pick, you’re likely to eat the majority of your meals there. Take the dining room for a test drive when you tour.

  • Do the dining staff seem friendly and accommodating?
  • Is the meal something you’d enjoy eating again?
  • Are mealtimes well attended?
  • Do other residents in the dining room seem friendly?

Make Safety and Security a Priority

Ask plenty of questions related to your safety, ease of living, and well-being if you were to become a resident at each senior living community. Keep an eye out for safety features in living quarters and throughout the community, as well as staff on site who would be able to assist in an emergency.

  • Are bathrooms accessible and equipped with safety equipment?
  • How does staff change work from day to night?
  • What is the procedure for managing medication needs?

With all this information from each senior living community you visit, it should be a little easier to pick the facility that is best suited to your needs. For more information about Cambridge Village Retirement Living in Apex, North Carolina, request a brochure online or call (919) 363-2080.