These Brain Games May Improve Cognitive Function


We know that physical exercise can improve our fitness and increase our overall wellness of our bodies. But what about the wellness of our minds? As we age, there is another kind of exercise we may want to consider: brain games.

Testing the mind can be just as important as testing the body, especially as we get older and some memories seem to just slip away. To increase brain power and maintain your capacity for memory, try some of the following games that promote mental sharpness.

Games for Mental Sharpness With Cambridge Village


Sudoku is a numbers game in which players fill in each of the blank boxes in a puzzle based on rules about how the numbers should add up. By combining math, logic and strategy, Sudoku is quite a workout for the brain. It may help improve memory by stimulating your mind and giving your powers of concentration a hard test.

Crossword Puzzles

You probably occasionally do the crossword puzzle in your newspaper, right? But do you know that crossword puzzles may do more than just help you pass the time on a lazy Sunday? Studies show that crosswords may exercise your brain, delay memory loss, and preserve cognitive function.

Learn Something New

This isn’t technically a game, but it can still be a challenge for your brain. Try learning a new language, picking up a new sport or even teaching yourself some new recipes. Learning something new forces your brain to think in new ways and remember new things — it’s a great workout for your mind.

Brain-Training Apps

Why not use your resources? Mobile devices and computers make it easy to challenge your brain in new ways. Consider brain game apps like Lumosity, Dakim and Brain Trainer for easy access to collections of games that will test memory, concentration and brain speed. These types of apps have been proven particularly helpful for those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s.

If you’d like more information about improving memory and brain function, or want more information about any of the ‘games’ above, reach out to the staff at Cambridge Village. We are happy to answer your questions and help you learn more about our living facility in Apex, North Carolina.