Get The Facts About Retirement Community Living


As a retiree in 2018, you have more options than ever before. With the variety of options of retirement living, you can have more peace of mind, freedom, luxury, and adventure than any of the generations before you. The very best decision you can make as you face retirement is to forget everything you’ve seen and heard about retirement communities, and explore them for yourself today.

Here, we’ll share some quick facts about retirement living options and common misconceptions we’ve debunked to give you a jump start on your journey.

What retirement living looks like

Generally speaking, retirees can choose from four levels of care in a retirement community: independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, and continuous care.

Independent Living – If you don’t need help with your daily living tasks (like bathing or dressing), but would love to have the lawn mowed and opportunities for socialization and adventure, independent living is for you. The primary benefits include fixed living expenses, lawn care, home maintenance, and access to luxurious amenities like a full gym, spa services, and gourmet dining options.

Assisted Living – Assisted living communities provide slightly more assistance compared to an independent living community, making them a great fit if you need help with little things, like medications and bathing. You receive all the same amenities as those in independent living, but can also get help from a nurse or aide with daily activities.

Skilled Nursing – When you need more consistent help (usually defined by the number of “ADLs” or activities of daily living than you can perform independently versus the number you need assistance with), skilled nursing care might be required. In a skilled nursing community, you receive medications and treatment from a licensed or registered nurse. You also receive frequent checkups to assess your health condition, and as much assistance as you need with mobility, bathroom use, bathing, oral cares, dining, and other daily activities.

Continuous CareThis type of living community combines all levels of care previously mentioned, into one. Continuous care living includes 24-hour care in the convenience of your own home or a facility. This type of care is often for sick or very elderly individuals that want to avoid hospitalization.

Common misconceptions about living in an independent living retirement community

Because retirement living has changed so much, misconceptions are common. Let’s debunk some myths.

Myth #1: People don’t move in until they have to.

Many of the retirees we speak with worry that people will think they’re declining or needing a lot of assistance if they’re looking at retirement communities (or that everybody else there will fit that profile).

The truth is that many people choose retirement communities for the lifestyle, not assistance, and many retirees are enjoying the perks and benefits as soon as possible to make the most of their prime years.

Myth #2: I can’t afford to live in a retirement community.

Because retirement communities generally come with a larger monthly price tag than an average mortgage payment, many people believe it’s well out of their budget.

However, after meeting with a financial advisor, the truth is that people are surprised all the time to find that they can very much afford a retirement community, especially once the often overlooked savings are calculated.

Myth #3: I’ll lose my privacy and independence.

The greatest fear we encounter when visiting with potential community members is the loss of privacy and independence.

The truth is that homes in retirement communities are private and they’re yours. The care you receive if you need it – and the schedule on which you receive that care – is also up to you. Retirement is all about independence and privacy, especially in a retirement community.

Myth #4: Retirement communities are for the very old.

Retirement communities used to be designed for the very old and fragile. Today’s communities are different, offering amenities like strength training, restaurant-style dining, an on-site movie theater, and a full salon and spa. Independence and youthful fun are encourage in independent living retirement communities like Cambridge Village.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not a retirement community is right for you, contact us at Cambridge Village of Apex. We’d be honored to answer your questions, and show you what optimal living is really all about.


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