Americans are retiring at an increasing rate. The number of Americans who retire each day has nearly doubled since 2000. 

Each day in the US, around 10,000 people turn 65, which is the standard age for retirement. 

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans whose retirement is quickly approaching, you’re probably thinking about where you’re going to live. For many retirees, an active retirement community is a must! 

What should you look for in an active retirement community?

Check out this guide to discover the top tips to follow. 


First, you need to conduct as much research as possible before selecting a retirement community. 

Your research should begin on the web, scoping out retirement communities’ websites and reading online reviews. However, you should take everything you find out online about a retirement community with a grain of salt. 

To really get to know if the active retirement community is right for you, you need to visit it in person. 

Only by visiting in person will you be able to get a vibe of the place and of the type of people who live there. Many retirement communities offer two-night visits, so take advantage of these as much as possible. During these visits, the community may allow you to stay in a furnished model or guest suite.

While you’re doing a visit, make sure to scope out all the amenities and talk to as many residents as possible. 


Of course, you’ll need to take your budget into consideration when shopping for an active retirement community. 

When setting a budget, remember that you’re paying for more than just a home. You’re also paying for a community and the types of amenities the community provides.

Therefore, if you plan to be very active in your retirement, it may be worth it to pay a little extra for retirement community that has walking trails, swimming pools, fitness centers, and other amenities to stay active

Keep in mind that some retirement communities charge monthly fees for unlimited access to amenities, while others include amenities in the price of the residence.

Size & Accessibility of the Community

Independent living retirement communities come in all sizes, so it’s up to your family to decide whether a smaller or larger sized community is best. If you prefer a busier environment with plenty of opportunities to socialize, then you may want a larger senior living community.

Before deciding on a community, examine how accessible it is, both outside and inside. You want to feel safe when coming in or going out all hours of the day.  And don’t forget to inquire whether the facility allows pets! 

Are You Ready to Begin Your Search for an Independent Living Retirement Community?

Now that you know what to look for in an independent living retirement community, it’s time to begin your research. 

If you’re looking to retire in the North Carolina area, be sure to check out our floor plans.