Did you know that there are over 28,900 residential care communities in the United States alone?

Since our loved ones will likely spend months or years in these facilities, you would likely want more than just a roof over their head. We want them to enjoy their lives and thrive in their new environment.

Amongst other things, social interaction and group activities for seniors can make their lives more pleasant. What activities are available for seniors in retirement communities? Keep reading to learn more.


The physical movement required by gardening makes this an ideal exercise for the elderly. They will be required to move physically, yet at their own pace.

The sense of accomplishment from growing flowers or even from eating fruit and vegetables from their own garden gives many older ones a real sense of satisfaction.

As small gardens can be allotted near each other, there is the opportunity for social interaction with their fellow green-fingered gardeners.

Fitness Classes

The World Health Organization recommends that older adults do at least 150 minutes of active exercise each week.

Doctors and medical professionals may adjust the frequency and duration along with the intensity of the exercise. However, it should be a fun and enjoyable part of the weekly program.

This does not mean that the older ones should hit the treadmill. Other fun activities such as walking, dancing, gardening, hiking, swimming can be planned to help them stay active.

Movie Night

There are many pros and cons to assisted living facilities. However, the social environment is definitely a pro.

Everyone should have something to look forward to. For older ones, it may be a chance to dress up a little and head to the movies with their friends.

There is nothing like the smell of popcorn to get a person in the mood to watch a movie with their friends.

Further, the movie will no doubt be the subject of discussion for the upcoming days.

Pet Therapy

As people, we benefit from having something or someone to care for. It can even play a role in mitigating negative thinking and depression. In an assisted living facility, this could easily be lacking.

Whether pets are permanently on site or are brought in regularly by their owners to visit, this can give the residents an opportunity to care for pets as they may have done for many years.

Lunch Out

Getting out of the house every now and then can do residents of assisted living facilities the world of good. It is something to look forward to, a new environment and a chance to interact with new people and enjoy different food.

This is especially beneficial if the restaurant is a little way from the home. This gives the residents an opportunity to see different scenery and even perhaps some nature on the journey.

More Than Just Group Activities for Seniors

Although group activities for seniors are important, this is only one of the factors that mean your loved ones will be happy.

Genuine care and attention, safe and comfortable facilities are also crucial. Why not check out our blog to see how far we go to care for our residents?

You may be surprised at the personal care and levels of comfort we provide.