How to Help Aging Family Members Avoid Social Isolation


Social isolation is a known problem among seniors. It’s a big concern for senior citizens as well as their families. Even in engaging communities like Cambridge Village of Apex, social isolation occurs at a startlingly high rate (possibly as high as 43 percent).

Aside from encouraging older family members to join in on the fun and participate in activities at their independent living facility, how can relatives assist their loved ones in maintaining a satisfactory social life and avoiding isolation?

A Place For Mom shares 14 tips for helping seniors avoid social isolation in this blog, and we’ve summarized them below.

Helping Your Senior Family Members Avoid Loneliness

  1. Make Transportation Available

Many seniors don’t drive, so their ability to get around and get out can be limited without easily accessible public or private transportation.

  1. Promote a Sense of Purpose

Encourage your loved ones to keep up with their hobbies or interests.

  1. Encourage Religious Seniors to Maintain Attendance at Places of Worship

This is especially important for seniors who have always been regular churchgoers

  1. Give a Senior Pets or Plants

Having something to take care of may be enough to fend off loneliness and feelings of isolation.

  1. Encourage a Positive Body Image

Pay your loved one compliments whenever you have the chance.

  1. Encourage Vision and Hearing Tests

Avoid undiagnosed or untreated hearing or vision problems that may keep them from venturing out and interacting in social situations.

  1. Make Adaptive Technologies Available

From walkers to hearing aids, make sure your elderly loved one has the tools they need to overcome deficiencies.

  1. Let Neighbors Know

Consider informing fellow residents or neighbors to be aware if they have not heard from your senior recently.

  1. Make Mealtimes Fun

Eating with others is a great time to interact. Seniors should share meals with each other or with family whenever possible.

  1. Address Incontinence Issues

For obvious reasons, untreated incontinence issues could make a senior hesitant to be in social settings.

  1. Hug It Out

Friendly, platonic touching from friends and family can promote wellness and happiness.

  1. Give Extra Support to Seniors Who Have Lost a Spouse

Provide extra emotional support if your loved one has recently lost their spouse.

  1. Use Public Health Professionals

It may be necessary to ask health professionals at your relative’s living facility to check on their well-being and look for signs of social isolation.

  1. Keep Caregivers In Mind

Caregiving itself can trigger social isolation. Be friendly and kind to caregivers at Cambridge Village and any other senior living facility.

Have questions about social isolation among seniors? Call Cambridge Villag of Apex today for more information.