How Living in a Senior Community Makes Your Life Easy (and Saves Money)


When considering whether or not to move into an independent senior living community, cost is one of the biggest factors. Some facilities can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 a month, which may seem like a fortune for a space to live. But you get much more than an apartment when you move to our community.

Cambridge Village, in the heart of Apex, NC, provides state-of-the-art units to allow you or a loved one to live without the stresses of cooking, cleaning, and worrying about being alone.

To understand the pricing behind the facility that we provide, we want to clarify what we offer for you.

How Living in a Senior Community Can Make Your Life Easy (and Save You Money at the Same Time)

Keep the Cost of Your Independence Low

The folks at identify eliminating the “constant, nagging worries” along with the expenses of caring for a home among the reasons many people turn toward a retirement village to live out their elderly years. Cambridge Village of Apex offers plenty of floor plans to choose the perfect setup for you to avoid those worries.

To help keep the cost low, we advise that you evaluate how much space you need, as studio and one-bedroom apartments options are available. These units will run from $3,200 to $4,050, respectively, with many floor plans to consider for both configurations. There are two-bedroom accommodations if you are interested in the additional space.

Services You Don’t Have to Schedule Around or Budget for

These housing options are specifically designed for ease of access, rest, and relaxation. Many retirement communities offer dining services, basic housekeeping, and laundry services to simplify your daily activities.

Cambridge Village of Apex is no different. We provide daily meals, weekly housekeeping, and offer a variety of social opportunities to get involved in the community.

Staying in your home would see the cost of these services skyrocket with the decrease in your ability to participate in them. But at Cambridge Village of Apex, most of these services come at no additional charge.

Eliminate the Guessing Game with Reliable Utilities

Living in your own home usually means that utility bills fluctuate from month to month. At Cambridge Village of Apex, you won’t have to worry about budgeting around your air conditioning. Nearly all of your living expenses are includedeven for unpredictable events such as maintenance. The utilities that are covered by the rent are garbage, water, electricity, and even digital cable.

Food is a major expense for people and typically adds up to a third of most people’s monthly expenditures. Two to three meals per day based on specified dietary needs are included with your monthly rent, and this eliminates the need to cook and clean up after a meal.  

Social Activities to Keep You Involved

We serve meals every day in our Clubhouse’s formal dining room that gets our residents out of their homes and into a social setting. We want to foster as much of a sense of community as possible.

The Clubhouse also boasts ideal environments to expand your friend circle, such as the chapel, theater, and cafe. Attend a movie at the theater or pick up your morning coffee at the cafe with your new neighbors.

The Amenities Make Living Here a Pleasure

You won’t have to go far for a little pampering. Our on-site spa brings the leisure to you. Enjoy a variety of hair care as well as massages, waxing, and facial hair tinting all on-site.

If you enjoy being active or are interested in dipping your toes into the pool, look no further than the 10,000 sq. ft. wellness center and health club. Eliminate the need for a separate gym membership, as access to this center is included with your monthly expenses. Here you can experience group fitness classes and personalized rehabilitation sessions, in addition to an array of exercise equipment.

Want to see how much you could save by moving in next month? Contact us for an information brochure or come in for a tour of the property. Schedule a tour today.