How Retirement Communities Are Changing With the Times


Times have changed since the first retirement community was established over 50 years ago.  To keep up with the interests and preferences of potential residents in 2017, retirement communities are changing, too.

Safety and a high level of care will always be priorities for individuals and their families as they select retirement housing. But other amenities are generating more interest as active, older adults seek housing in modern retirement communities.

Keep reading to learn more about how senior living facilities are changing, plus new services and programs you may find at 21st century retirement communities like Cambridge Village.

Retirement Living Communities For Every Lifestyle  

So what exactly are future tenants looking for as they consider their retirement living options?

Location, Location

When you think retirement living, you might jump immediately to rest and relaxation. But many modern retirees aren’t planning to be retirees in a traditional sense — some plan to continue working in some capacity. For this reason, proximity to a city tops the list of preferences for some retirement community residents.


If older adults aren’t ready to throw in the job towel when retirement comes around, they aren’t ready to give up an active lifestyle either. Most retirement communities now offer personal fitness facilities, group exercise classes, and outdoor grounds. These spaces give retirees easy access to activities like biking, running, or walking.

Room to Spare

Single residents, as well as partners, prefer to move to a retirement community where they can keep much of their life the same. This means they are seeking a single-story home, condo or apartment. An independent space allows them room for storage, the ability to entertain visitors, and maintain the normalcy of everyday tasks like laundry or tidying up.

Independent Senior Living in Apex, North Carolina

Retirement communities aren’t just a place of residence. When you choose a retirement community like Cambridge Village of Apex, you’re choosing flexibility, independence, fun, and safety. You’re choosing a lifestyle.

Visit Cambridge Village of Apex near Raleigh and Cary, North Carolina, to learn more about our facilities or how we cater to the needs of each of our residents.