How Senior Living Communities Are Changing Retirement


Today’s seniors recognize that retirement is a new beginning. The extra free time gives them opportunities to try new things, explore new places, and meet new people. A lot of these changes started in modern senior living communities. With a new focus on engaging lifestyles, communities like Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina, are changing the face of retirement.

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How Retirement Has Gotten a Makeover In Today’s Senior Living Communities

A Focus on Fitness

Being retired shouldn’t mean being inactive. Keeping up with regular exercise increases your general feeling of well being and decreases the risks for health issues.

Today’s retirement communities are offering their residents dozens of opportunities to stay healthy. With heated pools, gyms, yoga classes, walkways, and more, it is easier than ever to choose your path to well-being.

Spacious Living Options

Some older retirement communities were full of cramped one-room apartments that felt more like hospital rooms than homes. This has changed with the new generation of communities and seniors. Now residents can choose from a wide variety of spacious floorplans, often with kitchens and multiple bedrooms.

Plenty of Amenities

Senior living communities of the past didn’t offer much in the way of common space. Usually, there would be a dining room and a common room full of lumpy couches and a too-small TV that played reruns on repeat.

Modern retirement communities turn this stereotype on its head by providing a variety of amenities where senior residents can meet, mingle, and relax. Common rooms usually include theaters, libraries,  extensive grounds, and all-day restaurant-style dining.

Great, Diverse Food

Speaking of food, don’t expect a fixed calendar of bland, tepid, cafeteria-style offerings from today’s retirement communities. Residents in senior living communities can expect more diverse meal options. Modern retirement communities provide the variety they want with a rotating menu of delicious and fresh meals.

Active Living

Why should any stage of life be boring? Senior living communities keep residents on their toes with a calendar packed with several event options a day. With the constant schedule of trips, classes, and parties, a lot of retirees are even more active now than they were when they worked.

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