Experts think that by 2030, seniors will outnumber children in the United States. Learning how to stay sharp will benefit you and your senior loved one(s) at some point in your lives.

Each person’s definition of a sharp mind isn’t the same. Nonetheless, most people can agree that having a sharp mind requires being observative and having a good memory.

Seniors are one of the fastest-growing segments of the United States population. You deserve to know how to keep your mind sharp as you age.

Here are 5 ways to make your mind sharper as a senior:

1. Stay Sharp with Exercise

Moderate exercise is good for a senior’s brain. Regular exercise boosts your memory and thinking skills.

Each workout increases the blood flow to your brain. This blood flow increases new blood vessels’ growth in the brain. It also helps with preserving your existing brain cells and creating new ones.

2. Eat a Nutritious Diet

If you want to know how to sharpen your mind, look at what you eat. A healthy and nutritious diet is good for all parts of your body, including your brain.

Eat a diet that’s rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Researchers also link foods such as nuts, red wine, fish, and more to cognitive health.

Cooking a meal is also good for your brain because the act requires planning, adaption, and using discernment.

3. Get Creative

Creative activities make your brain sharper because they provide mental stimulation. After all, the real mental stimulation definition is anything that stimulates or enriches your mind.

Each person’s favorite way to express their creativity is different. Some people like drawing, coloring, or painting, while others prefer writing. Please know that all mediums of creativity are good for your brain.

4. Stay on Top of Reading

Reading on a regular basis makes your mind sharper. The act of reading actually builds connections within one’s brain.

It’s even better if you can integrate socializing into your reading routine. For example, going to the library or joining a book club turns reading into one of the many fun group activities for seniors.

5. Sleep Well

Knowing how to make your mind strong means getting enough sleep every night. Most seniors need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. Moving to a retirement community will give you the opportunity to work on getting more sleep on a frequent basis.

Getting a good night’s sleep improves your memory and cognitive abilities.  Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule will also help you sleep better.

Your Brain Will Thank You For This

In 2018, seniors accounted for 16% of the U. S. population. That number is growing, so it’s important for people to know how to stay sharp.

By 2020, 16.9% of the nation’s population will be seniors. Those who are fortunate enough to have long lives deserve the very best care during their senior years.

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