It’s no secret that we live in a youth-obsessed culture. It seems that nearly every commercial for
personal care products-cosmetics, groom supplies and so on-uses the promise of looking younger as a
selling point. The cover of every women’s magazine traces secrets for decreasing wrinkles or getting that
youthful glow. Every men’s magazine boosts about how to “regain the strength and performance you
had in your twenties!” They are all selling the dream that you can hide your age and be young again!

Our society has an unabashedly negative view on growing old but far too often we fail to recognize the
beauty of age: the wisdom that comes with time and experience; the dignity that results from loving and
being at peace with your own body because of what it has borne you through and the attractiveness of
maturity and confidence. These are qualities to be celebrated, vaunted, honored. These are not the
aspects anyone should want to combat. Too often, we’re chasing youth when we should be chasing

There’s nothing wrong with growing older. Let me repeat this: there is nothing wrong with growing
older. It’s natural and beautiful. Age is just a number. It’s just an external signifier of how many times
our body has circled the sun-a marker of maturity and physical wear. The problem is that many of us
have a flawed perspective on where that number should be at each stage. We’ve all seen that person at
our class reunion who looks like they’ve discovered the fountain of youth. We’ve also seen the person
who looks like time somehow sped up in their world, aging them at a faster rate than everyone else.
Personally, I know which one I’d rather be and I imagine you feel the same way.

Instead of chasing a carrot we can never capture (youth) what if we shifted our focus to chasing the
things we are actually coveting: the vibrancy that accompanies a healthy diet, the energy derived from a
routine exercise program; the grounding and sacredness of meaningful connection with friends and
family; the purpose of volunteering and helping others in our community. Always growing, always
evolving, always engaged…At Cambridge Village, these are values we hold sacrosanct. Come, grow old
with me and explore aging with optimal health and optimal living as your goal.