The Truth Behind Some Common Senior Living Community Myths


With spacious apartments, convenient facilities, and trained care specialists, senior living facilities like Cambridge Village offer more value than ever before. However, a lot of older people are held back by some common misconceptions about these communities.

Busting Some Common Senior Living Myths

A lot of these stereotypes come from the senior living communities of the past. Like today’s seniors, today’s communities are changing with the times. We recognize that elders want a fun and dynamic lifestyle. Learn how Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina turns these conventions on their heads.

I’ll Lose My Independence

The myth: For people used to living on their own, the idea of giving up any independence can be unappealing. Many believe that life in facilities is tightly controlled and that privacy is not respected.

In reality, residents have freedom to choose what to do and how to live their lives. Residents can socialize, participate in events, attend classes, or stay in their apartments and relax. With chores out of your hands, you’ll even have more free time for hobbies.

The Food is Bad

The myth: The common belief is that meals at senior living facilities are on par with food served at hospitals. Bland, repetitive, and hastily made. What’s worse is you’re stuck with whatever they’re serving.

This couldn’t be further from the truth in today’s senior living facilities. For example, Cambridge Village of Apex has restaurant style dining open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can choose from a variety of delicious and fresh meals on our regularly changing menu.

Our apartments also come with kitchens, in case you want to do your own cooking.  

My Health Will Deteriorate

The myth: Some people believe that spending all their time alone or with other seniors will cause them to get old, tired, and ill faster.

The truth is that Cambridge Village of Apex gives residents access to a variety of exercise classes, activities, and a fitness center to keep them active and healthy. You can also relax in our rejuvenating spa or go on walks around the grounds.

If you do become ill, medical treatment is never far. With PrimeMD, you can take advantage of an in-house doctor, and advanced preventative care.

Senior Living Facilities are Boring

The myth: People often picture elder care communities as places where older people just sit around the television all day. Maybe there is a craft or card game planned for the day if bored residents are lucky.

In fact, facilities have schedules packed with activities for residents. Seniors can keep busy with movie nights, museum and concert visits, shopping trips, and trivia nights. Keeping socially active can even improve health. Check out a sample calendar of events here.

I’ll Be Lonely

The myth: It can be hard saying goodbye to your old neighborhood and the relationships you’ve formed there.

But moving into a senior living community doesn’t mean you have to be alone. You’ll be surrounded by people your age that you can get to know, and form new friendships with. You’ll also have a fantastic place to host visits from friends and family.

Don’t let myths keep you from settling into a comfortable and engaging new home at Cambridge Village of Apex, North Carolina. To learn more about our senior living options and services, contact us at (919) 363-2080.