At Cambridge Village of Apex, our staff believes that senior living should be an opportunity. Last week, one of those opportunities arose when two of our residents were invited to speak at Cary Christian School. It became a genuine learning experience for these elementary school children to get firsthand accounts of World War II.

John “Jack” Sherman, 92, and Jack MacNaughton, 91, received the invitation through David Fischer, their doctor, whose son had excitedly told him about his school’s upcoming lesson on World War II. David immediately thought there could be no better speakers than two war heroes of that generation.

So, this past Friday, these two veterans recalled some firsthand events, peppering a few stories with jokes that cracked smiles and evoked laughs from the students—without detracting from the gravity of what the war represented.

The student body was privileged to not only get stories about Sherman serving in the Battle of the Bulge, these children also saw a multitude of pictures as well as the physical helmet that MacNaughton wore during the D-Day invasion.

“Personally, I can touch a few things that aren’t in textbooks,” MacNaughton explained.

“It did happen,” Sherman said. “It happened.”

The purpose and emotion of this war was not lost on the children at Cary Christian School. These brave veterans made deep connections while sharing their experiences. It was truly an event of great magnitude and importance—and our team is so incredibly proud to have residents that could participate.

We’ll leave the final words to Ian Fischer, David’s son …

“It’s been a really good experience hearing them talk. I was really honored.”