WRAL Presentation – Cambridge Village and WakeMed Partnership


Watch the full video here: http://www.wral.com/wakemed-senior-community-partner-to-keep-residents-active-able/15004010/

Senior citizens want to stay as healthy as possible and as independent as possible, but they can require frequent medical attention and supportive care including help with physical therapy and with medications.  A new partnership between WakeMed Health and Hospitals and residents of Cambridge Village of Apex makes that easier.

Evelyn McCarthy, 88, is a resident there. She is getting physical therapy for neck pain so she can continue the independent lifestyle she enjoys.  “I do exercise. I swim. I like life,” she said. “I don’t want to just sit and watch TV.”  WakeMed provides professionals on-site at Cambridge Village, like physical therapist Kris Jolley, to help residents like McCarthy.

Jolley said her goal is to “make them stronger and have more endurance and be able to go to the activities.”  Lorene Mask was doing physical therapy before her move to Cambridge Village.  “I had to go to the therapy. I had to go about 4 miles,” she said. “Here, it’s convenient.”  Mask, 91, also enjoys the attention of an exercise specialist who developed a program based upon her medical history and medications.  In September, WakeMed added supportive care, including physicians, physician assistants and registered nurses who visit residents in their apartments.

All residents of Cambridge Village have friends who’ve left for more intensive care facilities after experiencing adverse health events. McCarthy is doing all she can to remain in her home as long as she can.  “I have it made,” she said. “I’m in Heaven. You get beautiful food and beautiful friends.”